What you should look for in a Luxury Real Estate Agent

What are some of the most important characteristics or traits of luxury real estate agents? This question may have popped into your head if you are looking to sell or buy luxury Montreal real estate. Whether it is their desire and willingness to help people or their personal ambition and drive, a handful of unique qualities often distinguish the excellent luxury agents in Montreal from the average ones.

A luxury real estate broker often sells luxury homes, but their experience and expertise lie in the listing. They are generally local experts and know and understand how to showcase luxury real estate in Montreal. It is worth noting that in luxury real estate Montreal, trust, poise, and presence in the upscale and expensive communities are essential.

Here are some important qualities you will want in a luxury real estate agent in Montreal.

Networking Skills

The best luxury real estate agents know that realtors from other parts of the city, or country may send clients their way if they know them. This is why they make an effort to create meaningful conversations with other realtors to expand their network. So, you should choose a luxury agent who already has an excellent network, and you will be a step closer to getting your home sold.

Luxury agents often tap into their network in order to find potential buyers for their listings. Many luxury real estate agents also find new and creative ways to immerse themselves seamlessly in their target market, sometimes simply by setting up an office in a local coffee shop.

Good Grooming and Flair

Keep in mind that you have worked hard in order to prepare your luxury home for showing.  So, you want, and need a real estate agent who puts their best foot forward and looks the part while doing it. You need an agent in Montreal with flair. The person should exude confidence and also makes potential buyers feel at ease. And it isn’t only about appearances. The agent should know and relate to the luxury lifestyle first-hand. They should also know the best neighborhoods to suit your needs and preferences.

Great Listening Ability

This is another important quality you should look for in a luxury real estate agent. This is because being a great listener and understanding your needs and taste go hand-in-hand. If you choose an agent who is good at listening, they will take your priorities seriously when you list them. They will also pay attention to your personal stories and remember what is important to you, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones, etc. This stems from a genuine desire to help people.


A luxury real estate agent that can use technology easily will be more updated on the market in the area. Also, they will be more likely to be a thorough and organized person that has their act together. Tech-savvy real estate agents in the luxury sector are embracing new tech in order to improve productivity, grow their businesses, and increase leads. And this is the kind of person you want by your side.